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Avis Magica is a sleek, monolithic proposal for a contest that calls for architects to design an iconic building that would help to represent a up-and-coming city. ARMARADA’s concept, also known as “the magic bird”, takes inspiration from the culturally diverse city, Miami, and implements them into both its design and name. Analysis of existing traits of the city, like its nickname “the magic city” helped to contribute to the naming of the project along with its continuous population and industry growth through the years that would help to characterize it as “taking flight”.

Arch2o-Avis Magica  Avis Magica  (1)

Courtesy of Avis Magica

The obelisk-like structure extends towards the ground and merges drastically with the surrounding landscape, and, if chosen, the Avis Magica would become the tallest building in the city. Within the actual structure, it is broken up into three parts: the publicly accessible, a water filtration system, and green balconies supported by generated rain clouds. Below ground level, an open museum space is provided along with an outdoor concert stage that is to be used by the public. The actual tower though is dedicated to the exploration of sustainability methods specific to Miami. It houses a 120 meter tall aquarium that filters water directly from the ocean. Above this water sits multitudes of “green balconies” holding plant life that is supported by the humidity from the water to form rain clouds above.

Arch2o-Avis Magica  Avis Magica  (2)

Courtesy of Avis Magica

One of the most interesting aspects of this design is what ARMARADA describes as the “wings” or “feathers” of the building. These feathers are concentrated in one section towards the top of the obelisk in order to take advantage of the high winds; the semi-translucent material that it will be made from allows for sunlight to penetrate through the structure and into the areas where plantlife will be. Vibrations in the feathers created by the wind will be harvested and will allow for the building to produce energy.

 By Lyly Huyen

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