Avant-garde Music House Ketham Santosh Kumar

Located in Stadtpark 1030, in the center of Vienna, the new Music house of Vienna designed by Ketham Santosh Kumar challenges the urban fabric of the city with a new radical design. Although Vienna is well know with its arts buildings, but  in terms of architectural esthetics, vocabulary and tectonics, this opera house considered to be unique in its form and spaces. Moreover, what I found more interesting about the design that it  blends with the surrounding landscape of stadtpark, at the same time it melts out with the existing MAK museum in stadtpark. I am going to include the architects’ statement because I think it sums up the project much better than I could.

Courtesy of Ketham Santosh Kumar

“Historically Vienna is known for its operas and concerts for music lovers. Designing a concert hall in this place is challenging and inspiring.

To me the challenge was to deign a concert hall not only as a single architectural building but also as experiencing spaces through urban transition, At same time the design is unique from other music halls, in terms of architectural esthetics, vocabulary and tectonics.

The site is located at center of Vienna adjacent to MAK museum in stadtpark. Music house composed of main concert hall is in centre of park and archive bridge connects to MAK museum and other two small theatres are: one in lower level of stadtpark and another on university. And in addition to, it also accommodates a music archive along the bridge and other ancillary facilities. The double core sphere shell, melting species acts as structural system and thermal insulation to music house.

It evolves as if painting and sculptures are melting and flowing out of existing MAK museum, Crafting and blending in surrounding landscape of stadtpark, and creating a new music house.”

Architects: Ketham Santosh Kumar
Photographs: Ketham Santosh Kumar

Courtesy of Ketham Santosh Kumar

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