Located in an old barn in an agricultural plot in the village of Dren, Pernik restrict, Bulgaria, the project for the Arts Center is built on a concept of restoration of an old agricultural building and transforming it into an Arts Center, which is offering various courses and housing exhibition halls for the children’s art work as well as the work of other artists.

Courtesy of Elitsa Marinopolska

Design Concept:

Since the old barn is situated below street level, we have placed three new masses above the old building. Like Popov’s sculpture “The Bridge” in which one end steps on the ground and the other hangs towards wonderful view, so the new part is visible from the road while the main entrance to the Arts Center is located at the most dominant mass. The architecture of the existing building is a function of the complex terrain and remains unchanged. While there are some new structures with new functions, the profile is attached to the old one and remains the same. The orientation of these new structures is again function of the terrain. This architectural concept forms interior spaces without any doors to reinforce the feeling of freedom, because art is freedom of the spirit. Only the technical and sanitary facilities are behind doors.

Access from the road is provided by a vehicle ramp and there are 20 parking spaces. Also, there is an open-air amphitheater in the yard with a beautiful view of the slope above.  The entire plot is designed like a park, with sculptures of the building’s owner, who is sculptor himself, strewn around.

Project Category: Cultural/ Educational
Student: Elitsa Marinopolska – ArchiEli
School: University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy
Adviser name: Blagovest Vulkov

Courtesy of Elitsa Marinopolska

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