Every once in a while comes a creative mind that introduces different concepts linking Architecture to arts. Producing a series of 25 illustrations, the Italian artist, Federico Babina, overlaps some of the world’s most famous paintings with works of several amazing architects. Babina expresses some overlapping concepts and styles between the paintings and the buildings. The artist of each work is easily identified when looking at the illustrations; however, upon a closer look, some of the most famous signatures of architecture are revealed. “These images are a metaphor for an imagined and imaginary dialogue between creative minds” Babina describes.

Arch2O-ARTISTECT “Famous Paintings Using a Brush Soaked In Architectural Tints”-001

Courtesy of Federico Babina

The artist creates a dialogue between the world’s most legendary works of art and architecture. In his series “Le Corbusier talks with Picasso and Kandinsky discusses with Wright.” Babina states that “the idea was to carefully study the expressive language of an artist and read between the lines the hidden architecture in it, to find the probable and improbable connections between forms of expression and aesthetic languages.” Looking at his illustrations, some relationships are very “thin and transparent” while others are “robust and full-bodied.” Looking at his series we are drawn into a great collision of architects Zaha Hadid Architects, Louis Khan, and many others, with artists such as Henri Matisse and Paul Klee producing absolutely magnificent illustrations.

Arch2O-ARTISTECT “Famous Paintings Using a Brush Soaked In Architectural Tints”-018

Courtesy of Federico Babina


By: Ala’ Abuhasan

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