We believe that everyone has a vision !
or at least, something he/she would like to say..

If you are one of those who have a vision, so we at Arch2O are looking for people like you! We are looking for the most creative, innovative, architecture-obsessed people how would like to voice up their opinions and they want to deliver a message to the architectural/design community. You are invited to join our team this Summer 2016 (May 1st – Sept 1st) and to be part of an ever growing, globally recognized art , design and architecture website. Just wrap up your ideas into a proposal that is hard to resist, your context should express your thoughts and what would you like to talk about. You may chose to talk about parametric, architectural design, sustai..na..bili…ty  ! Oah !! forget about these old fashioned topics, we are waiting for yours!

  • Your proposal should explain your vision (theme/s) and include at least a total of 5 titles classified under your theme/s. You may also write very few headlines under each title, so we could get an idea about what you want to say!
  • Applicants must be native English-Speakers.
  • Fresh university graduate or postgraduate (Applicants must have, at minimum, completed their second year of the university).
  • Applicants must be able to work from home (or school, workplace) and occasionally attend online events and meetings.
  • Arch2O will expect each intern to dedicate an average of 8 hours per week.
  • Writing experience is an advantage but not essential (if you have a Blog, or journal?)

If you think you have all the above requirements then apply now, please click here to fill out the internship form by April 15th, 9:00 AM EST. We will contact potential candidates (and only potential candidates) for follow-ups the forth week of April. By the end of your internship, applicants should receive a certificate of appreciation from Arch2O, and you would have your own portfolio on our website, similar to this one !

This is your golden chance! the most important thing for us, is that you love what you are doing, be unique, be yourself..

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