Apertures is a pavilion design which is the direct manifestation of research by BAUMGARTNER + URIU (B+U). The focus is to bridge the gap between technology and nature by using digital tools to mimic organic forms. The name being derived from the many different sized holes it holds.

Arch2o-Apertures installation B+U (8)

 Courtesy of BAUMGARTNER + URIU (B+U)

The pavilion is built on the reinterpretation of an opening, more specifically a window. How it can be more than just a visual frame and also instead have physical interaction with the spectator too. To also redefine it in terms of material and appearance. The pavilion causes the viewer to experience his or her own biorhythms through heat sensors and sounds hence acts as a window to self.


 Courtesy of BAUMGARTNER + URIU (B+U)

The structure is 16 ft tall high and its form and material are also responsible for holding it up without any external support. It is made of 172 unique CNC mill cut panels. Each panel is made of a combination of polyurethane foam and heat formed out of thermoplastic polymer resin laminated together and yet only 1/8 ” thick.

Arch2o-Apertures installation B+U (9)

 Courtesy of BAUMGARTNER + URIU (B+U)

The proposal readdresses the building as an organism and hence also takes in account its reactions with external stimulus. In this case the pavilion and the human body interacting in an controlled immersive environment.

By Akansha Gupta

 Courtesy of BAUMGARTNER + URIU (B+U)

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