Renowned Italian lighting company Andromeda has recently revealed its latest lamp design, titled Nastro, which means ‘Tape’. As the name suggests, the lighting body is comprised of a whole bundle of tape-like details, which form a creative cluster of chaos and beauty. The Nastro lamp proves Andromeda is a pioneer in designing contemporary glass light pieces. It is the fact that along with the technical specialists in lighting design, there is the team of glassblowers who form the creative mind of Andromeda.

Arch2o-Andromeda’s Nastro Lamp  Andromeda (6)

Courtesy of Andromeda

The design team for the Nastro collection focuses on bold curves, yet at the kernel of the design lays the idea of the ‘tape’ object. The glassblowers have vivid imagination in twisting, turning and curving this tape into three-dimensional helixes. When a bundle of these volumes are combined together, a very structurally elegant piece is formed. This bundle can hence be manipulated in an almost architectural way by testing how the ‘tape’ fragments can be arranged and what sort of shape they can take. A truly inspirational part of the design process this is indeed.

Arch2o-Andromeda’s Nastro Lamp  Andromeda (8)

Courtesy of Andromeda

The Nastro collection is defined by metallic colors and bold citrus hues for a warm and welcoming ambience with an uplifting character and soft mood for a more sensual spectacle. Andromeda discuss that their objects could be fitted in two different ways: as a ceiling lamp or a wall bracket. Shapes vary from oval, pointed and circular gigs to French loaf. Because of the master glassblowers’ authenticity and tradition in the making, they add a sense of artistry and mastery to the light objects – a reason why Andromeda claim their products are both functional luminaires, and unique sculptures.

By Yoana Chepisheva

Courtesy of Andromeda

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