In recent years, the major corporations that guide the world in which we live- Google, Apple, Facebook, now Amazon- have designed new iconic headquarters which all seem to be the most innovative, sustainable and collaborative buildings conceived to date. And to their credit- the buildings often are very nearly that.

Arch2o-Amazon HQ Proposal -NJJB (10)

What you see here is Amazon’s foray into the sphere (pun-intentional). The new, certainly iconic headquarters in Seattle designed by NBBJ is based around three bio-domes, each with five, high-ceilinged, bay floors, each capable of supporting a mature tree. The bases of these domes will be allotted for retail space, with another 65,000 sf for work, dining, meeting, and lounge space.

Arch2o-Amazon HQ Proposal -NJJB (11)

Courtesy of NJJB

The complete headquarters will be located around a 5-acre plot which will feature over 3 million sf of office space, three towers, each 38-stories, and a series of connections and pathways fostering collabouration and keeping workers dry.

Arch2o-Amazon HQ Proposal -NJJB (8)

Courtesy of NJJB

 By Matt Davis

Courtesy of NJJB

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