Rolls’ is an installation created by the Sinato Architect. This installation is for the Diesel Denim Gallery shop in Tokyo Japan. Material wise the installation uses aluminum for its flexible properties. This flexibility aids by giving it a visual cloth like representation, while maintaining its metallic strength.

Arch2o- Aluminum Rolls Installation-Sinato(2)

 Courtesy of Sinato

The rolls are made from a continuous sheet of aluminum; use to create a consistent flowing movement within the shop. The process of making the rolls, start with a long sheet of aluminum that is rolled to create a large roll of aluminum.

Arch2o- Aluminum Rolls Installation-Sinato(12)

 Courtesy of Sinato

After being placed to stand; some of the sheet is drawn out to make another roll. This process is then repeated another 13 times, with rolls of varying thicknesses.

 Arch2o- Aluminum Rolls Installation-Sinato(3)

 Courtesy of Sinato

Five out of the fifteen rolls are hung, one at either ends, and three in the middle few. These ones on the ground are capped with a glass covering to keep the rolls compact, also giving it the purpose of using it as a table.

Arch2o- Aluminum Rolls Installation-Sinato(4) Courtesy of Sinato

The way in which the sheets are hung, creates a draping, portraying a cloth like property, keeping to the Denim concept while still maintaining it’s metallic hardness.

By Shanaire Blythe

 Courtesy of Sinato

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