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Honorable Mention:
Next7 Competition

Roberto Mitolo, Juan Pablo Goncalves Pita

In the space of about 40 years, the constant growth of industries, incorrect lifestyle, chemical attacks, and nuclear accidents have led to an overall lowering of green presence on our planet. The ecological footprint of every human didn’t mention to decrease with negative influence on the ecosystem. The air is full of pollutants, so much to be unbearable. A kind of “Ark Project”, commissioned by an increasingly small number of conservatives, has saved cells of plant species in danger of extinction.
In desperate times call for desperate measures: proposals to redevelop the lifestyle push the accelerator on ever more extreme vegetal architecture. Collaboration between architects, agronomists, botanists, floriculturists, bureaucracy, will allow the development of osmosis proposals, unthinkable today, leading to polychrome shades for enhance the new philosophy, the new city model.

Next7-Arch2O-00 NX1430_02

Courtesy of Roberto Mitolo, Juan Pablo Goncalves Pita – Next7 Competition

Main Problem: Pollution
The most advanced industryes doesn’t have among their priorities to keep clean the air that their users and employees breathe. Air pollution has reached the highest limits, making the air unbreathable.

The dismantling operations of the old structures can’t stay ahead with the progress of technology and new infrastructure systems. The new technologies become obsolete within a few weeks, pointing to “better” no longer take care of what is retrieve and recycled. The result is a collection of wreckage and obsolete and abandoned to decay facilities becamed irrecoverable.

The environment is now devoid of green: large areas are deforested to make way for new buildings which feels increasingly need and the remaining vegetation perishes under the huge pall of smog that obscures the sky. Got lost in time the relationship between man and nature, replaced by man and is need.

Next7-Arch2O-00 NX1430_01

Courtesy of Roberto Mitolo, Juan Pablo Goncalves Pita – Next7 Competition

Social pyramid
Society is organized in acute and lockouts pyramids, even physically, through settlements hybrids between units (cells dorms) and workplace/industry.
The social climbing is what any man yearns for but it’s almost impossible to realize ringed in his social class.

So for respond to new requirements and bio-criteria architect makes use of multi-disciplinary collaboration with chemists and biologists to give an updated response.
Leave the disciplinary boundaries to reach a different conception of reality (such as the living space) where there isn’t more conflict between architecture and nature by pursuing the studies initiated by the Bengali scientist Jagadis Chandra Bose.

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