Adobe or Autodesk,
You’re free to decide and choose the best.
The vested facts are at your plate,
Devour the mains and watch the test.

Adobe Systems Incorporated,
your looks I’ve loved and speed I’ve hated.
Born and raised in San Jose, California,
With priorities sorted and options separated.

Reader, Suite, Cloud and Photoshop,
1982 all thanks to John Warnock.
An extraordinary year, when you were first operated
True Software was born with magic created!

Autodesk Inc., there’s always you,
On the days I’m warm and the nights I’m blue.
Born and raised in San Rafael, California,
From gaming to planning  your domain is huge!

Architecture, Media, Education and Suites,
1982 all thanks to John Walker.
Inventing and Drafting, Simulating Mock-ups,
Though how did this coincidence never come through?

Adobe, my friend, you God of Documents,
Making presentations easier, since the beginning of time.
You’re that single beauty,      irresistible and rich,
For you introduced me to Ps, PDF And Bridge.

Autodesk, you’ve got ammunition with CAD,
The necessary evil one’s got to power up.
Though modelling in CAD is like sending out a fax,
You smartly ignored that for the indispensable MAX.

Portable Document or Design Web?
The battle of formats. Enough said.

PDF’s include 3D data, heavier and dynamic,
Three times larger in size.
But who cares when you got Bentley,
Hewlett-Packard and Agile?

DWF, the sincere one,
smaller file size and data done,
2D and 3D printed with fidelity
Fighting against the new PDF-E
Will you ever be non-architect ready?

Today you both are the designers’ boon,
Your own set of keys, your own set of tools.

Autodesk you’re technical, with pallettes and bars,
A list of fancy branches, one for every rising tower.
Avatar, Titanic, Inception’s mind-blowing effects
were your marvellous magic.
Does the case rest?

Adobe, with Illustrator and Indesign,
letting fresh ideas grow and old ones resign,

You’re the artistic one, the architectural relief,
With code so good, facing a constant breach.

Stunning offices, and ergonomic workspace,
Great employee culture, to each one his own place.
Aesthetics and functions, merged into one,
Benefits for their employees, pro-growth and fun.

So where would you want to be,
to deliver your unified best?

The abstruse or the creative,
Adobe or Autodesk?


Courtesy of Autodesk

Courtesy of Autodesk

Courtesy of Adobe

Courtesy of Adobe

Written by: Ekshikaa



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