Project description:

“The Qiantan Enterprise World Phase II (also known as Lot 14-01) project includes two 100m towers and four podium buildings covering a total area of 130,000sqm.

The two towers on the site will redefine the concept of ‘Office Environment’ for the development, offering fluid interaction in a campus setting through both indoor and outdoor spaces. The goal is to achieve harmony and dilute the boundaries between public and private space.

The concept strives for urban openness, physical and spiritual connectivity, simplicity in the  organization of functions, clarity in the use of materials and systems, efficient use of space and resources. The plan configuration is bold and simple.

The towers will be anchored at opposite ends of the site, and will have a strong vertical character with a reflective white frit pattern printed directly on the façade. The inspiration of the pattern relates to that of bamboo forests, as their branches overlay  forming abstracted patterns that appear to be in motion by the subtle but constant presence of the wind.

A promenade will bisect the complex in two, and will unify and connect all urban activity on the site. A pedestrian bridge will bisect the site on the second level, adding an additional layer of circulation and allowing pedestrians to enter and observe the complex from a unique perspective.

“The podium buildings will be used for retail purposes and will connect on the street by a unified screen-wall with an entry at the first level. The central courtyard will be framed on the sides by a vertical screen wall which will become a living ‘greenwall’ as plants grow up over time. This greenwall will wrap the space in vegetation and become a literal interpretation of the frit pattern concept.”

Project credits

JAHN: Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido, Helmut Jahn, Carl D’Silva, Sandy Gorshow, Michael Li, Jon Gately, Matthew Stymiest, Bryan Howard, Phil Stott, Ed Eichten, Sanaz Saeedi,   Hyeonji Im, Yingli Tang, Han Meng, Kun Liu, Maria Villarreal, Noah Cahan, Joe Madon, Jacqueline Villa, Grant Guangun Xu, Benjamin Blocher, Stephanie Pelzer
RSLA: Rainer Schmidt, Kimberly Carusso, Sandra Lopez-Acosta, Ana Valente
TT: Gunnar Hubbard, Edward Peck, Jonatan Schumacher, Alloy Kemp, Matthew Naugle

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