After the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued an open call, last March, for designers to submit proposals for the infamous 1,989-mile border wall between US and Mexico, some actual proposals have finally come in. The proposed designs varied widely in their aims and concepts, and not all of them can be described to be conventional. While an actual future for this controversial wall remains uncertain, the DHS is currently evaluating these proposed designs, with seemingly no specific image in mind of how it should be. Now, here are six of these widely varying proposals.

MADE Collective

This team of architects, designers, and builders from US and Mexico has proposed a wall that would be an infrastructure for a half-US and half-Mexican co-nation “Otra Nation”, featuring a Hyperloop transportation system along the borders.

Advanced Warning System

22-foot-high wall is built from solar panels. Adapted to it on the American side is an aqueduct to supply the nearby area with water. The wall would be located 100 feet away from the actual borders, which would be fenced by chain-links, supposedly funded by the Mexican government. The area in between the fence and the wall would be a no man’s land, for illegal immigrants to serve in order to be granted a limited legal status in the US.

DarkPulse Technologies Inc.

Now, this wall would not be just a typical solid concrete barrier. It would ensure, absolutely, no breaches by means of holes, tunnels, or climbing, as it would be provided with the company’s own advanced system of sensors.

Courtesy of DarkPulse Technologies Inc.

Gleason Partners LLC

Gleason Partners’ wall partially combines two of the previous solution. It will be composed of two tiers of solar panels and provided with sensors to detect breaches. The wall would be also well prepared to face all sorts of natural phenomena, like rain, earthquakes, and wind.

Black Security Product

This could be regarded as a normal conventional wall, but with a 1-feet-gap below to allow animals and water run-offs to pass freely between both sides of the wall. There are also some extra-elevated parts for patrol cars to pass through.

Courtesy of Black Security Products

Quantum Logistics

While all the previous wall designers tried to add something new to the typical wall, James Carpenter of Quantum Logistics opted for relatively traditional wall designs. His two proposed alternatives feature lightweight designs, one built from reinforced or precast concrete, while the other is composed, mostly of metal fencing.

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