Maud Vantours, a French artist trained in design from the Parisian school Duperré specializes in textiles and material research. Her expertise have led her to work in some of the biggest fashion houses, such as, Guerlain, Tag Heuer, YSL or Lancôme, among others.


Courtesy of Maud Vantours

Her main focus and passion lies in the art and representation of paper. Her design creations are a culmination of paper, colors and collages realized in 3D.

Arch2o-3D Paper Imaging  Maud Vantours (24)

Courtesy of Maud Vantours

Her material transformations of a two-dimensional paper to three-dimensional creations, literally creates the effect of depth. Her work has a way of intriguing the observer and hypnotizing them with her geometric, floral and spiral patterns.

By Ariela Lenetsky

Courtesy of Maud Vantours

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