Designed by Virgil Exner Sr., the 1960 Plymouth XNR concept car was built on a modified Valiant chassis as an answer to the vast popularity of Corvettes at the close of the 1950s. We imagine the XNR concept wasn’t well reserved in its early years, and this one-off vehicle has led a quiet life since.  Now, the Plymouth XNR Concept is heading to the auction block in Monterey, California after a masterful restoration in 2011.  Thing is a bit odd-looking (which might speak to why it never went into production) but we greatly admire its ballsy level of asymmetry—a design element that is pretty missing from all automobiles across the board. If you have the desire and the funds, head out to Monterey, California, in August  when the one XNR in existence goes up for auction.


Photos via RM Auctions, Motor Trend Classic

Photos via RM Auctions, Motor Trend Classic

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