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Architecture books offer a vicarious experience through being in reality of seeing a building, the experience of walking around it and the feeling of being inside it. So, here are some architecture books for children that are important to read to feel this experience.

  1. The Three Little Pigs

It is an architectural tale written and illustrated by Steven Guarnaccia. The three pigs are Frank Lloyd Wright, Philip Johnson and Frank Gehry. Each of the pig’s homes is built in a different style, filled with homage to each architect, down to furniture and minute details. Of course, not all the houses are going to protect the pigs from the wolf’s huffing and puffing. The wolf and readers are in for a clever surprise ending.

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  1. Look at that Building

It is the first book of structures by Scot Ritchie. This gem of a book introduces young readers to basic construction concepts through the eyes of five friends who are keen to build a doghouse for their pet pooch, Max. Yulee, Martin, Nick, Sally and Pedro head to the library, where they learnt about foundations, beams, frames and other building fundamentals.

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  1. How a House is Built?


It is a book by Gail Gibbons which delves right into the complexities of building a house. It illustrates perfectly the teamwork involved and the different roles each vocation plays in construction. Surveyors, heavy-equipment operators, plumbers and carpenters are all introduced to the reader. As the chapters meander on through the construction process, each role is brilliantly illustrated and finally a couple moves into the finished house, making it a home.

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  1. The Future Architect’s Handbook

This book by Barbara Beck explores how architects really work, taking young readers though the entire process of planning and designing a house. It covers the architect’s four main drawings: the Site Plan, Floor Plan, Section and Elevation, including the concept of drawing each plan to scale. All of this is brought to life in freehand, pen-and-ink architectural drawings that inspire children to apply these lessons to their own designs.

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  1. The Story of Buildings: From Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and Beyond

This book by Patrick Dillon and Stephen Biesty provides detailed explanations of how iconic structures, like the Pyramids of Giza come to be, including details about people who made them happen. Patrick Dillon’s stories of remarkable buildings celebrate the ingenuity of human creation. Stephen Biesty’s extraordinarily detailed illustrations take the reader inside famous buildings throughout history and demonstrate just how these marvelous structures fit together.

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  1. Roberto, The Insect Architect

Roberto is a young termite with a big dream to become an architect. He faces adversity, from his other wood-eating friends doubting his abilities to “make it” in the big Bug City. Once there, though, he meets a slew of characters with nothing but encouragement for him and his dream. Roberto’s architectural dream is brought to life, as he and his new found friends construct a community by themselves. The book is by Nina Laden.

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  1. Young Frank

The book by Frank Viva, follows the architectural adventures of Young Frank, who lives with aptly named grandfather, Old Frank and his spotted dog, Eddie. Using anything he can get his hands on: macaroni, pillows, toilet paper, shoes, Young Frank likes to build buildings that twist chairs with zigzag legs and even entire cities. But Old Frank disapproves, saying that architects only build buildings.

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  1. Iggy Peck Architect

A book written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts. Iggy Peck is a young architect with a pendent for building things, a creative mind and a fantastic imagination. Iggy has to overcome various obstacles in his quest for architectural excellence namely the obstacle of doubt, from his Grade 2 teacher. Iggy inspires all who read this book to explore the architectural universe, regardless of who may doubt them.

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  1. Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing

Not only is this story a great way to learn about the structure and importance of bridges, it is also based on historical fact. The story is written by April Jones and illustrated by Francois Roca. It is about the fourteen years of construction of Brooklyn Bridge. Fireworks and tophats filled the air in celebration when the magnificent bridge opened in 1883. It connected Brooklyn and New York City. But some wondered just how much weight the new bridge could hold? Was it truly safe? One man seized the opportunity to show people in Brooklyn, New York and the world that Brooklyn Bridge was in fact strong enough to hold even the heaviest of passengers.

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  1. If I Built a House

The book by Chris Van Dusen is talking about imaginative Jack who is ready to build a house of his dreams, complete with a racetrack, flying room and a gigantic slide. Jack’s creativity and enthusiasm surely inspires every young and creative mind.

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  1. Cool Architecture

This book is by Simon Armstrong, filled with all kinds of interesting facts, from the Pyramids to the Corinthian column, from simple homes created by earliest humans to the towering skyscrapers of New York. The book provides a learning environment where the reader is immersed in the architectural movements and advances throughout history, discovering the personalities that made them. It also takes the reader inside the world’s most iconic buildings, from Greece’s Parthenon to Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai.

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  1. Skyscrapers: Super Structures to Design & Build

This book by Carol A.Johmann, takes the reader through the various stages of building a skyscraper, from making a model city, through the design of building and problem-solving, to the actual construction of the tower from foundation to the finished structure.

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  1. Architecture according to Pigeons

It is a fun, lively introduction for children to the world’s most beautiful buildings. This book takes the reader on the journey of a pigeon-Speck-and his pigeon friends, flying around the world to the most famous architectural sites, offering a “bird’s eye view” of the Colosseum, Taj Mahal, Golden Gate Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Frank Llyod’s Wright fallingwater and dozens of other buildings which delight children and parents alike.

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  1. Green Homes (Young Architects)

This eco-friendly title focuses on green homes. Readers learn how architects apply sustainable practices to earth-friendly structures. Recycled materials, solar panels and more are explored by Saranne Taylor through engaging illustrations and accessible text.

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  1. Cross-Section Castle

An intimate guide by Stephen Biesty that takes the reader to the inside of the castle and the life of its residents. With intricately detailed cross-sections, each layer of a castle is presented, so readers can explore the different layers of castle life including people, their professions and how they defend themselves from enemy attacks and settle down for an evening entertainment. Readers discover new details each time they turn the page.

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