“Our intention is to build an unprecedented monument to creativity and human endeavor dedicated to Kickstarter and now available in LEGO” said Eric Clough. What great words coming from the creator of “Into the Mystery” campaign. He owns an architecture and design firm which is known for creating buildings with hidden poems and secret codes.

Courtesy of KickStarter - Into Mystery Campaign

Courtesy of KickStarter – Into Mystery Campaign

He launched this campaign in Kickstarter with the same mentality – a mystery. Except this time they attempt to create from and within the public creative minds, a monument that the world had never seen: a literal physical building that will be a reminder to the world of inspiration, creativity, and humane part of everything in life.

The monument will be created and owned by the people of the world not the government nor private corporations, creating a link and blurring the boundaries between north & south, east & west where every one from each country gets to participate in. “This building’s creation relies solely on those with a passion for puzzle solving, architecture, and the future of a new creative, global community” says Eric.

This project combines eighteen clue chambers within its structure. As a reward for the participants, only they will have access to one of the eighteen chambers, which creates a fairy tale scene to the structure.

Courtesy of KickStarter - Participants' Reward

Courtesy of KickStarter – Participants’ Reward

Now they revealed the 11th clue which is called “Light Box,” which is a creative tool with LED light and a USB battery that works as a lighting sculpture that can be formed in different ways by rotating rearranging platelets. This means this box will look different according to its owner and this pushes the creative button of its users and gets them inspired.

Courtesy of KickStarter - 11th Clue Light Box

Courtesy of KickStarter – 11th Clue Light Box

This latest clue reminded me of the Rubik’s cube in a way it can trigger something inside people and have so many meanings to each and every one who uses it. This creative project is very ambitious and it will need the support of 800,000,000 person each donating $4, if and hopefully this monument became an actual physical reality it will be an eighth wonder that was created by the modern world and will be added to the seven wonders of the world so PEOPLE of the WORLD lets do this ! *fingers crossed*

By: Yosra A. Rahman


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